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Groupthinkers: Una Osili Thinks About the Next Generation of Marketing

"Nonprofits have a lot of work ahead in terms of making sure that they stay competitive in today’s market of donors and meet those donors where they are. So how can a nonprofit use the resources available to innovate? I think the first place nonprofits can start is with their own data.”

-Dr. Una Osili, Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy

In this Season 2 episode, Groupthinkers host Justin McCord chats with Rachel Stephenson Sheff, the host of the “What Donors Want” podcast. “What Donors Want” is a unique podcast because of its connection to individual, high-level, high-value donors.Listen to learn more about:

-Commonalities of humanity in donors

- Opinions of major donors

-The art of asking lighthearted questions

Groupthinkers is the podcast for nonprofit marketers by RKD Group. This is a must-listen experience of thought-provoking content that inspires insight on the industry and strategic decisions. Groupthinkers brings together innovators and curators in nonprofit marketing, branding and direct response to tackle the major issues facing nonprofits today.

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