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Nonprofits, get ready: Apple’s new AI tools aim to change email

Apple has entered the AI game.

After exciting announcements from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google and Meta in the world of generative AI in the last year, many were left wondering when Apple would join in the fun. Well, we now have our answer.

Apple made a big splash at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference with the introduction of Apple Intelligence. (We can forgive them for the generic name, although it is better than iAI.)

Computer World provided a nice summary of all the upcoming AI capabilities that Apple shared, including built-in transcription tools for phone calls, an update to RCS for text messaging and contextual Siri searches.

But the area that will impact everyone the most is email.

Apple is building a powerful integrated experience for AI and email. A few of the features include:

  • Writing tools that can rewrite, proofread, summarize, create tables/lists and adapt the tone of an email you’re writing.
  • Message prioritization that understands which of your emails are most important and files them under “Priority Messages.”
  • Natural language search, which makes it easier to find messages and documents in email—even if you can’t quite remember the exact name.
  • Grammar features and recommendations to improve writing (basically Grammarly but free and built-in).

If you use Apple for email at your nonprofit organization—whether on your iPhone or on a MacBook—then these new features should save you lots of time and headaches in your workday. Yay!

At the same time, consider how they will affect the recipients of your organization’s emails. Will your emails be a “priority” for donors, or will they fall under a summary created by AI? We often think about how to break through the noise; now we may need to break through the bot.

Younger generations discover more brands on TikTok

A new report from consumer research company GWI explored the changing habits of consumers and found that more people are discovering brands via TikTok (38%) than via search engines (37%) or TV ads (35%).

According to MarketingTech, “The number of consumers using TikTok to follow or find information about products and brands has more than tripled since the end of 2020, reflecting its significant rise in popularity.”

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are largely driving this trend, and the biggest factor in the brands they choose are trust and authenticity.

This is all relevant to nonprofits.

First, as we discovered in our Solid Gold research at RKD, trust is the single most important thing that a nonprofit can deliver. Trust even outweighs relationships when it comes to generosity.

Second, TikTok continues to be a driving force in our culture. Its meteoric rise shows no signs of stopping—despite facing a ban in the U.S.

Consider how you can use your social media channels to build up trust through transparency and competence. Find ways to get on TikTok to increase your reach, especially with younger audiences.

Google introduces new AI-powered ad tools

Not to be outdone by Apple, Google announced several new features for ads at the Google Marketing Live event. And, of course, these features are driven by generative AI.

MarTech summarized them well, and several of the features are dedicated to retail shopping. But a couple of them could be very interesting to nonprofits:

  • Performance Max creative controls: Upload brand guidelines, fonts, colors and images to generate new asset variations that stay on brand.
  • Image editing: Experiment with altering images, including adding new objects, and extending or replacing the background.

These new AI opportunities can help streamline your advertising approach through Google, saving time and money

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