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Apple's news won't be the end of email, but it will bring change

We've heard it all before—predictions about the end of email marketing. Aft...

By |   Digital Fundraising Email
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7 email templates every nonprofit should have in their back pocket

Email marketing has grown exponentially in the last five years.

By |   Digital Fundraising Email
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Take your digital fundraising from good to great on a limited budget

We live in a digital world. Email marketing, digital advertising and paid s...

By |   Digital Fundraising Email Cultivation
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Email marketing has grown up in the last decade

Whenever we approach a new decade, it’s always fun to look back to what lif...

By |   Digital Fundraising Email
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Say Goodbye to Email Appends

RKD Group is no longer providing email append services to our clients.  In ...

By |   Digital Fundraising Attribution GDPR Email
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Tips for Effective eAppeals

Fundraising appeal emails, or eAppeals, are essential to any nonprofit’s di...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising Conversion Email Cultivation
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Are annual plans killing your online fundraising?

In general, it’s good to outline a year of planned fundraising campaigns an...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising Email Cultivation

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