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AI tools you can use to boost your fundraising

Vice President of Technology Charles Lehosit shared tips for using AI tools...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising Strategy Fundraising
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Nonprofits must adapt to today’s donor acquisition challenges

Ask any nonprofit development director, “How’s your direct mail program goi...

By |   Strategy Acquisition Data & Analytics
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Shifting perception: How relief and development orgs can convert emergency donors

Many relief and development organizations have received unprecedented suppo...

By |   Strategy Fundraising Relief & Development
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Inclusive outreach: Examples of successful marketing to diverse communities

The United States is getting more diverse, and that means nonprofit organiz...

By |   Strategy Acquisition Creative
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Inclusive outreach: Build a multicultural marketing framework for donors

Since its founding, the United States has often been referred to as a “melt...

By |   Strategy Acquisition Creative
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Optimize your hospital’s grateful patient program with these simple tips

Grateful patient programs are an important source of new donors for many ho...

By |   Strategy Hospital
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Our top client innovations in 2022

2022 was a great year for nonprofit fundraising and marketing. From innovat...

By |   Strategy Fundraising
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How nonprofits can take advantage of the QR code revival

In the last two years, QR codes have made quite the comeback.

By |   Strategy Multichannel
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Global supply chain crisis: How nonprofits can recover over the next 6 months

The global supply chain crisis has taken its toll on all industries these p...

By |   Strategy Nonprofit Industry
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5 tactics to improve nonprofit e-newsletters

We all know the year-end giving season is essential to providing the funds ...

By |   Strategy Email

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