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What does Google's MUM update mean for your nonprofit's SEO strategy?

If you keep tabs on the SEO space, you may have heard rumblings of yet anot...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO
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Digital maturity checklist for nonprofits in 2022

  I recently wrote about the importance of building a mature digital progra...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO Donation Pages Email
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How Google’s latest broad core update will affect nonprofits’ SEO efforts

Just in time for the holidays, Google has announced the release of yet anot...

By |   SEO
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5 SEO tips your nonprofit can use to drive organic search traffic

Did you know organic search is responsible for driving 53% of web traffic?

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO
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Nonprofits can use Google’s RSAs to optimize fundraising

Responsive search ads (RSAs) have been around for a couple of years now, bu...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO
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SEO vs PPC: What’s the difference?

Most nonprofits have already bought in on the power of digital media as a f...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO Digital Media
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SEO: Looming Google changes mean nonprofits must act now


By |   Digital Fundraising SEO

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