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6 clues in your donor file that could spell trouble ahead

As a seasoned fundraiser or marketer at a nonprofit, you know that the land...

By |   Data & Analytics
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3 animal welfare organizations utilizing a strong digital foundation

With a rise in digital fundraising and younger generations favoring online ...

By |   Digital Fundraising Animal Welfare
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Has your food bank reached its digital tipping point?

Let’s think back to 2020.

By |   Digital Fundraising Food Bank
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Get more out of GA4

VP of Digital Strategy Jenn Thompson and Software Engineer Kord Hickson sha...

By |   Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Microsoft launches big new feature, plus Meta and TikTok eye ad-free options

Last month, our digital marketing roundup was so stuffed with updates to iO...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Unlocking digital growth: How 3 rescue missions are setting the bar

Building a strong digital foundation for your rescue mission is essential f...

By |   Digital Fundraising Faith
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Rossi’s Roundup: Keeping calm amid economic and AI confusion

It’s been an interesting month as our calendars crossed into Q4. We’ve seen...

By |   Nonprofit Industry
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Digital media attribution for nonprofits: More than meets the eye

We live in a connected, data-driven world, and we use that wealth of data t...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Erik Tomalis thinks about the role of new tech in fundraising

In this series of Group Thinkers podcast episodes, our focus is on leadersh...

By |   Podcast
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Quick tips and tricks to help you stand out on GivingTuesday

Senior Digital Strategist Evan Arcoria shared tips and tricks for a success...

By |   Digital Fundraising Giving Tuesday

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