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Gimme that BIMI: A quick way to stand out in email inboxes

Senior Digital Strategist Evan Arcoria recently wrote about starting the ye...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Does your food bank have a learning agenda?

We’ve heard the story before: Food banks are still coming off “the COVID hi...

By |   Food Bank
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Promoting equity and inclusion through nonprofit data with Meena Das

Meena Das is the CEO of Namaste Data. A rising thought leader in nonprofit ...

By |   Podcast
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I’m done quitting. Let’s chart a new course forward.

Last summer, I made a pretty bold statement. I declared—to the full nonprof...

By |   Fundraising Nonprofit Industry
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Rossi’s Roundup: A reminder that philanthropy is not about money

It’s been a rather confusing month as our news feeds have been filled with ...

By |   Nonprofit Industry
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The evolution of audience-centric fundraising strategy with Stephanie Russell

Stephanie Russell is RKD Group’s new Executive Vice President of Strategy &...

By |   Podcast
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Email housekeeping: 4 areas of focus for nonprofits

Email inboxes are noisier than ever. In 2024, a projected 361.6 billion ema...

By |   Digital Fundraising Email
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Proceed with caution: Nonprofits must navigate the new frontier of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications have been around for several year...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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How one health and disease organization is humanizing research

Health and disease organizations are committed to providing care, treatment...

By |   Health & Disease
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Beyond dashboards: Tailoring measurement to nonprofits' unique needs

Whether you realize it or not, we’re all scientists and engineers at heart....

By |   Data & Analytics Technology

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