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Rossi’s Roundup: Summer vacation, AI and economic uncertainty

Schools are out, summer is here, and we’re halfway through 2023. In our ind...

By |   Fundraising Nonprofit Industry
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Extending the story arc: How animal welfare organizations are sharing community impact

Through the years, animal welfare organizations have told moving stories of...

By |   Animal Welfare Creative
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Digital frontier: Nonprofits can expand their donor base with media prospecting

Reaching new donors through direct mail is becoming more and more difficult...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Jeff Brooks thinks about bad fundraising habits


By |   Podcast
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Leveraging donor employment data for stronger relationships

Personalizing donor communications is the key to strengthening relationship...

By |   Digital Fundraising
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How to craft offers that move donors to give

Have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where George invents a charity c...

By |   Creative Social Services
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How modeling and corporate partnerships can take your mission’s major donor pipeline to new heights

In my most recent blog on major donor pipeline growth, I shared how rescue ...

By |   Mid-Major Donors Faith
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Google brings AI to search—what nonprofits need to know

There seems to be a new announcement about AI every day, so it can be chall...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO
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Plug the leaks: 5 ways to improve first-year donor retention

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Your nonprofit organization is having trou...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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5 ways food banks are incorporating DEI into their creative

Over the last few years, many food banks have made a conscious effort to ad...

By |   Food Bank Creative

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