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Brim Basom thinks about MADD’s digital transformation journey

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By |   Podcast Digital Fundraising
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Quick data tips that have a big impact on your fundraising

The foundation to successful fundraising today is data. With a clean data f...

By |   Data & Analytics
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12 donation page designs you’ll want to copy

Donation page design is both science and art. We’ve seen small design chang...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising Donation Pages Creative
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Use this checklist when picking your nonprofit’s next WordPress plugin

Many nonprofit organizations we work with utilize WordPress as their conten...

By |   Digital Fundraising
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Why inflation should not stop you from fundraising success

Inflation is back after a 40-year hiatus.

By |   Digital Fundraising Direct Mail Fundraising Multichannel Nonprofit Industry
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Say goodbye to premiums and hello to higher net revenue

I’ve often said that getting people to give to a charity is one of the toug...

By |   Direct Mail Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Soraya Alexander thinks about the role technology plays in digital fundraising

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By |   Podcast
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Workplace giving vs. corporate philanthropy: key differences

Workplace giving and corporate philanthropy are two key concepts concerning...

By |   Donation Pages
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What does Google's MUM update mean for your nonprofit's SEO strategy?

If you keep tabs on the SEO space, you may have heard rumblings of yet anot...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO
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Authors Beth Kanter and Allison Fine think about humanizing AI in fundraising

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By |   Podcast

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