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National nonprofits and the struggle for relevance

One of the biggest trends that has stood out during the COVID-19 pandemic i...

By |   Trends COVID-19 Mid-Major Donors Nonprofit Industry
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A powerful relationship: How the CTO and CDO can work together for fundraising

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes.

By |   Nonprofit Industry Data & Analytics
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COVID at 6 months: Where is nonprofit fundraising heading?

Can you believe it has been six months?

By |   COVID-19 Nonprofit Industry
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Maribel Morey thinks about learning from philanthropy’s past

“Philanthropies and nonprofits are, by definition, there to serve the publi...

By |   Podcast Nonprofit Industry
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USPS delays: Should nonprofits be worried?

Should nonprofit organizations be concerned about the U.S. Postal Service’s...

By |   Trends Direct Mail Fundraising Nonprofit Industry Postal Service
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Ryan Berman thinks about courage as a business model

On this episode of our podcast, Groupthinkers, we sit down with Ryan Berman...

By |   Podcast Strategy Nonprofit Industry
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When will life return to normal for nonprofits?

Remember life before COVID-19? When we could host in-person events, work cl...

By |   COVID-19 Nonprofit Industry Data & Analytics
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Blackbaud ransomware attack: How nonprofits should respond

We are living in a time when data privacy is a top concern for individuals ...

By |   Data Privacy Nonprofit Industry
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Should nonprofits boycott Facebook?

As advertising boycotts of Facebook are gaining steam nationwide, several n...

By |   Facebook Nonprofit Industry Social Media
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How nonprofits are earning back trust during COVID-19 crisis

Embezzlement crimes. Transparency issues. Lavish spending.

By |   COVID-19 Nonprofit Industry

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