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Plug the leaks: 5 ways to improve first-year donor retention

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Your nonprofit organization is having trou...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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5 targeted emails to send donors after a gift

Engaging with supporters is an essential part of nonprofit fundraising. And...

By |   Digital Fundraising Stewardship
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How exactly do we build a fundraising program that drives stronger relationships?

Donor retention is always a hot topic in the nonprofit fundraising space. C...

By |   Donor Retention Fundraising Stewardship
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Scale your stewardship program with these digital tools

Did you know that for every gift, a donor should be thanked seven times? Ho...

By |   Digital Fundraising Stewardship
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How can nonprofits transform giving from a moment into a mission?

Water is our most precious resource. A necessity for life, no matter where ...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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Make your mid-level donors feel like superheroes

In the last decade, we’ve seen a surge of superheroes soaring onto the silv...

By |   Mid-Major Donors Stewardship
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Ask and repeat: Is your stewardship model flawed?

Since I began my fundraising career more than 20 years ago, the holiday sea...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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The true color of whitemail for fundraising

Nonprofit organizations appreciate donations that come in all shapes and si...

By |   Direct Mail Fundraising Stewardship Acquisition
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New donor retention: Let’s go back to the basics

Nonprofit organizations work so hard to bring in new donors. But what good ...

By |   Donor Retention Multichannel Stewardship
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Erica Waasdorp thinks about monthly giving

In this episode of our podcast, Groupthinkers, we sit down with Erica Waasd...

By |   Podcast Strategy Stewardship Sustainer Donors

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