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Ask and repeat: Is your stewardship model flawed?

Since I began my fundraising career more than 20 years ago, the holiday sea...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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The true color of whitemail for fundraising

Nonprofit organizations appreciate donations that come in all shapes and si...

By |   Direct Mail Fundraising Stewardship Acquisition
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New donor retention: Let’s go back to the basics

Nonprofit organizations work so hard to bring in new donors. But what good ...

By |   Donor Retention Multichannel Stewardship
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Erica Waasdorp thinks about monthly giving

In this episode of our podcast, Groupthinkers, we sit down with Erica Waasd...

By |   Podcast Strategy Stewardship Sustainer Donors
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Maintaining digital disaster donors acquired during COVID-19

After more than a month of updating messaging to include disaster fundraisi...

By |   Digital Fundraising COVID-19 Stewardship
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Using board members to connect with disaster donors

The coronavirus pandemic has left nonprofits with many questions about thei...

By |   COVID-19 Mid-Major Donors Stewardship
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Disaster fundraising: What do we do if our mission isn’t as close to the coronavirus?

We’re all affected by what’s happening around the world with the coronaviru...

By |   COVID-19 Stewardship Animal Welfare
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Wellness calls: Check on your nonprofit’s supporters

We are currently in the midst of unprecedented times in the history of our ...

By |   COVID-19 Mid-Major Donors Stewardship
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Monthly giving programs are worth the effort

Need more proof that your nonprofit organization should be investing in a m...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donor Retention Stewardship Sustainer Donors
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Nick Ellinger thinks about the nonprofit winter


By |   Podcast Donor Retention Stewardship

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