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Plug the leaks: 5 ways to improve first-year donor retention

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Your nonprofit organization is having trou...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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Peer-to-peer texting: A new way to reach donors

We’ve all gotten one of those annoying political texts that urge you to vot...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donor Retention
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The secret to retaining digital donors after year-end season

Congrats, you made it through another year-end fundraising season! Go ahead...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donor Retention Year-End Giving
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Better digital fundraising starts with crafting a better online experience

Digital fundraising is complicated.

By |   Digital Fundraising Donor Retention
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How exactly do we build a fundraising program that drives stronger relationships?

Donor retention is always a hot topic in the nonprofit fundraising space. C...

By |   Donor Retention Fundraising Stewardship
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How can nonprofits transform giving from a moment into a mission?

Water is our most precious resource. A necessity for life, no matter where ...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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Ask and repeat: Is your stewardship model flawed?

Since I began my fundraising career more than 20 years ago, the holiday sea...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship
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New donor retention: Let’s go back to the basics

Nonprofit organizations work so hard to bring in new donors. But what good ...

By |   Donor Retention Multichannel Stewardship
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Stewardship cheat sheet for building relationships with mid-level donors

Buried within the wealth of information in the 2022 Q4 Fundraising Effectiv...

By |   Strategy Donor Retention Mid-Major Donors
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Do you know the story your donor data is telling?

Numbers and charts, graphs and tables. People often think of data as strict...

By |   Donor Retention Multichannel Data & Analytics

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