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Digital frontier: Nonprofits can expand their donor base with media prospecting

Reaching new donors through direct mail is becoming more and more difficult...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Has TikTok dethroned Facebook? Not when it comes to fundraising

What’s new? That’s the question on everyone’s mind, right?

By |   Digital Media Social Media
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Is quality score hurting your paid search campaigns?

Paid search is an important element to any digital fundraising strategy. An...

By |   Digital Media
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How to optimize your digital donor acquisition

A big topic of focus in the nonprofit industry is the need for digital tran...

By |   Digital Fundraising Acquisition Digital Media
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It’s time to make video a priority in your nonprofit’s advertising strategy

In the fundraising space, emotionally connecting with donors and prospects ...

By |   Digital Media Creative
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Prep your Google Grant for year-end giving with these simple tips

It’s that time! We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, aka the most...

By |   Google Grant Digital Media
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Digital personalization tactics every nonprofit should try

If you’re like me, you probably just got finished binge-watching “Squid Gam...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donation Pages Email Digital Media
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Google is closing the door on expanded text ads

Another door is closing at Google—this time on expanded text ads (ETAs).

By |   Google Grant Digital Media
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5 tips to squeeze more out of your Google Ad Grant spend

Google’s Ad Grant program offers incredible benefits for nonprofits of all ...

By |   Google Grant Digital Media
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Google throws nonprofits a curveball with new ad policy

There’s often a fine line between success and failure. And, as summer gives...

By |   Google Grant Digital Media

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