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Michelle Hurtado thinks about Google Grants and optimized web

“Nowadays, with online ads being more helpful to users around the world, pe...

By |   Podcast Google Grant Digital Media
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How Google’s latest update could harm nonprofit ads

Keyword control just got a little bit harder with Google Ads’ latest update...

By |   Google Grant Digital Media
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4 digital media trends for nonprofits in 2021

Fundraising in a pandemic has taught us a lot of things. From the switch to...

By |   Trends Digital Media
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How Apple’s iOS 14 update will impact Facebook advertising

Facebook and Apple are going head-to-head as the fight to weigh consumer da...

By |   Digital Fundraising Facebook Digital Media
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2020 year in search: Nonprofit edition

Have you ever seen Google’s annual “Year in Search” report? If not, I encou...

By |   Google Grant Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Layering your digital media strategy ahead of year-end

What if I told you the most successful year-end fundraising strategies begi...

By |   Conversion Year-End Giving Digital Media
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SEO vs PPC: What’s the difference?

Most nonprofits have already bought in on the power of digital media as a f...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO Digital Media
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Using AI to lead digital media audience segmentation

Every year, a new shiny toy comes around that everyone jumps to integrate i...

By |   Conversion Digital Media
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Microsoft Ads: The unsung hero of paid search

ChinLin Pan contributed to this report. Digital advertising is a versatile,...

By |   Conversion Digital Media
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Nonprofits receive Google Grant budget increases to aid in pandemic response

Nonprofits  like food banks and healthcare organizations have seen a surge ...

By |   Google Grant COVID-19 Digital Media

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