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How Apple’s iOS 14 update will impact Facebook advertising

Facebook and Apple are going head-to-head as the fight to weigh consumer da...

By |   Digital Fundraising Facebook Digital Media
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2020 year in search: Nonprofit edition

Have you ever seen Google’s annual “Year in Search” report? If not, I encou...

By |   Google Grant Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Google Analytics 4: How nonprofits should handle the switch

By now you’ve probably heard the news of Google’s latest announcement.

By |   Data Privacy Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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7 email templates every nonprofit should have in their back pocket

Email marketing has grown exponentially in the last five years.

By |   Digital Fundraising Email
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Justin Wheeler thinks about agility in marketing

“Organizations have made this pivot in an almost seamless manner and it has...

By |   Podcast Digital Fundraising COVID-19
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The Foundational Principles of Online Fundraising

Everything is going digital these days, and fundraising is certainly no exc...

By |   Digital Fundraising
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Nonprofits can use Google’s RSAs to optimize fundraising

Responsive search ads (RSAs) have been around for a couple of years now, bu...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO
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Giving Tuesday: Setting your organization up for success

Year-end season is around the corner for nonprofits, and that means Giving ...

By |   Digital Fundraising Giving Tuesday
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Digital innovations nonprofits can swipe from 2020 presidential campaigns

The 2020 presidential campaigns have been polarizing for many reasons. Beca...

By |   Digital Fundraising Cultivation Election
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SEO vs PPC: What’s the difference?

Most nonprofits have already bought in on the power of digital media as a f...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO Digital Media

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