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5 fun ways your nonprofit can get involved on TikTok

Love it or hate it, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular socia...

By |   Trends Digital Fundraising Social Media
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Jeremy Berman thinks about innovation in Facebook

“We took the better part of a year just to unpack what was happening in soc...

By |   Podcast Facebook Social Media
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Should nonprofits boycott Facebook?

As advertising boycotts of Facebook are gaining steam nationwide, several n...

By |   Facebook Nonprofit Industry Social Media
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New kids on the block: How to include young donors in your engagement strategy

Don’t write off young donors.

By |   Digital Fundraising Leadership Digital Media Social Media
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Why you need a social media strategy for fundraising

The dirty clothes are piling up. It’s laundry time again.

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media Cultivation Social Media
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Our love/hate relationship with Facebook fundraising

Since the creation of Facebook fundraising tools in 2015, more than 1 milli...

By |   Digital Fundraising Strategy Facebook Digital Media Social Media
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How Recent Changes to Facebook Impact Nonprofits

Nonprofit fundraisers and marketers need to sharpen their digital strategy ...

By |   Digital Fundraising Facebook Digital Media Social Media

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