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5 features nonprofits can use to enhance their Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful tool for nonprofit marketers looking to...

By |   Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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3 actions to prevent data debt before it happens

Debt—no matter the kind—is something all of us like to avoid whenever possi...

By |   Data & Analytics
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How nonprofits can use business intelligence to empower decision making

When people think about data, their minds often go to spreadsheets full of ...

By |   Data & Analytics
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Will the Delta variant harm year-end charitable giving?

When will fundraising return to normal for nonprofits?

By |   Nonprofit Industry Year-End Giving Data & Analytics
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Privacy changes put emphasis on first-party data

Marketers around the globe got a welcome piece of news recently: Google is ...

By |   Data Privacy Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Food bank generational giving analysis reveals insights on Gen X

Our recent study, The Nonprofit Marketer’s Guide to Gen X, illustrates that...

By |   Trends Food Bank Data & Analytics
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Modeling for fundraising: Let’s clear up any confusion

We hear a lot about data-driven fundraising throughout the industry. That’s...

By |   Data & Analytics
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How do you transfer data knowledge?

One of the hazards of working in the nonprofit industry is the turnover rat...

By |   Data & Analytics
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Gen X is ready to be the next great giving generation

Generation X can no longer be ignored by nonprofits. In fact—propelled by t...

By |   Trends Strategy Multichannel Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Study: Missions COVID Donor Analysis reveals key findings for road ahead

In a year of so much hardship, I know many of us in the rescue mission worl...

By |   COVID-19 Data & Analytics Faith

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