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The future is here: Leveraging data for personalized donor experiences

In today's digital age, the dynamics of donor engagement have shifted drama...

By |   Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Beyond dashboards: Tailoring measurement to nonprofits' unique needs

Whether you realize it or not, we’re all scientists and engineers at heart....

By |   Data & Analytics Technology
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8 major nonprofit fundraising trends as we close out 2023

At this time last year, we took a step back during the busy year-end season...

By |   Digital Fundraising Direct Mail Fundraising Nonprofit Industry Data & Analytics
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The bedrock of nonprofit fundraising: Accurate and accessible data

If you’ve been following my journey here, you’ve probably read about why em...

By |   Data & Analytics
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6 clues in your donor file that could spell trouble ahead

As a seasoned fundraiser or marketer at a nonprofit, you know that the land...

By |   Data & Analytics
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Get more out of GA4

VP of Digital Strategy Jenn Thompson and Software Engineer Kord Hickson sha...

By |   Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Bridging the nonprofit tech gap: 5 key areas of need revealed

In my previous blog post, I shared the idea that the nonprofit industry nee...

By |   Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics Technology
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How big changes to iOS 17, Gmail and Meta fundraising affect nonprofits

Our goal is to gather up the latest news and updates in a monthly roundup t...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media Data & Analytics
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Nonprofits must adapt to today’s donor acquisition challenges

Ask any nonprofit development director, “How’s your direct mail program goi...

By |   Strategy Acquisition Data & Analytics
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How nonprofits can rebuild trust and reach new audiences at the same time

It is no secret that charitable giving across the U.S. has declined. From 2...

By |   Nonprofit Industry Digital Media Data & Analytics

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