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Our top client innovations from 2023

2023 wasn’t short of challenges—the economy made acquisition more challengi...

By |   Multichannel
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How one nonprofit is tackling mental health

According to RKD’s 2023 study Solid Gold: The Nonprofit Marketer's Guide to...

By |   Multichannel Veteran & Military
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How can nonprofits prepare for fundraising during an economic downturn?

Ever since COVID-19 became a national emergency in March of 2020, two words...

By |   Multichannel Nonprofit Industry
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Why inflation should not stop you from fundraising success

Inflation is back after a 40-year hiatus.

By |   Digital Fundraising Direct Mail Fundraising Multichannel Nonprofit Industry
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How nonprofits can take advantage of the QR code revival

In the last two years, QR codes have made quite the comeback.

By |   Strategy Multichannel
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Why your nonprofit should create its own giving season

As we close out another year of fundraising, I can’t help but reflect on th...

By |   Multichannel Fundraising
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Capital campaigns: How direct response can support your efforts

Capital campaigns are an exciting time for many nonprofit organizations, bu...

By |   Strategy Multichannel Capital Campaigns
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What Gen X’s giving behavior reveals about channel integration

Classically known as the “forgotten middle children,” Generation X has been...

By |   Trends Strategy Multichannel
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Gen X is ready to be the next great giving generation

Generation X can no longer be ignored by nonprofits. In fact—propelled by t...

By |   Trends Strategy Multichannel Fundraising Data & Analytics
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The benefits of a full-service marketing agency

Maybe I’m just in a holiday mindset, but browsing through a host of tech an...

By |   Multichannel Data & Analytics

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