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How to start prioritizing web accessibility

You may remember a recent blog post I shared to put some of the basics of w...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising
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Is web accessibility on your nonprofit’s radar?

By now you’re probably aware of the importance of an optimized website. Sea...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising
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30 digital do's for food banks

EMAIL DO's You’re sending emails, but are they reaching full potential? Tip...

By |   Trends Optimization Digital Fundraising Strategy Food Bank
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5 Ways to Build a Stronger Donor Connection

46% of donors report that a lack of connection would cause them to give les...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising Strategy Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention User Experience Cultivation
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What Happened to Giving in December 2018?

Throughout 2018, giving trends were positive. Then came December and a surp...

By |   Trends Optimization Strategy Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention Multichannel Fundraising Nonprofit Industry Year-End Giving
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Fundraising and disaster relief: Government shutdown edition

The government shutdown began December 22, 2018 and started to leave a sign...

By |   Trends Optimization Digital Fundraising Strategy Disaster Food Bank
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8 Digital Trends for 2019

With the turn of each calendar year, digital marketers must evaluate what’s...

By |   Trends Optimization Digital Fundraising Nonprofit Industry
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Direct mail: The power of your offer

Why are you writing to me today?

By |   Optimization Strategy Direct Mail Fundraising Acquisition Cultivation
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Why the donor lifecycle matters

Fewer than half of donors made repeat gifts to U.S. organizations in the pa...

By |   Optimization Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention Stewardship Acquisition Cultivation
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12 donation page designs you’ll want to copy

Donation page design is both science and art. We’ve seen small design chang...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising Conversion Donation Pages Creative

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