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The true color of whitemail for fundraising

Nonprofit organizations appreciate donations that come in all shapes and si...

By |   Direct Mail Fundraising Stewardship Acquisition
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10 foundational elements to DRTV success

For nonprofit organizations, nothing makes an impact on people quite like v...

By |   DRTV Acquisition Cultivation
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Using data to guide you through the pathway of acquisition

As Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create i...

By |   COVID-19 Acquisition Data & Analytics
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FAQ: Cooperative databases and nonprofits

Cooperative databases (better known as co-ops) are a valuable tool for acqu...

By |   Direct Mail Fundraising Acquisition
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Optimize your acquisition program for the road ahead

We’ve stressed the importance of staying the course despite evidence of an ...

By |   COVID-19 Direct Mail Fundraising Acquisition
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Why cutting acquisition is a terrible idea

After 43 years in direct-response fundraising there’s one thing I will neve...

By |   COVID-19 Direct Mail Fundraising Acquisition
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How to optimize your digital donor acquisition

The recent Field of Dreams report highlights a need for digital transformat...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention Acquisition Digital Media
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Direct mail: The power of your offer

Why are you writing to me today?

By |   Optimization Strategy Direct Mail Fundraising Acquisition Cultivation
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Why the donor lifecycle matters

Fewer than half of donors made repeat gifts to U.S. organizations in the pa...

By |   Optimization Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention Stewardship Acquisition Cultivation

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