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AI tools you can use to boost your fundraising

Vice President of Technology Charles Lehosit shared tips for using AI tools to boost your fundraising in our recent Fundraising Refreshments webinar. Watch the recording below to learn more. 

AI has been the talk of the town, but it’s hard to know which tools to use and how to use them. With hundreds of AI tools to choose from, it can be overwhelming when trying to explore the possibilities.  

Let’s breakdown how AI can be useful for nonprofits today: 

Copywriting: When given the right prompts, AI creates captivating and emotional copy. Your audience will feel inspired by the touching stories that AI articulates and feel connected with your organization on a deeper level. 

But here’s the tricky part—selecting which AI model to use. 

Let’s look at how two different AI technologies would behave when asked to write a simple story about a dog named Charlie:  


We want to share a story with you. Meet Charlie, a brave little dog who was found in unimaginable conditions. But thanks to the help of friends like you, his story took a turn for the better.  

Claude AI 

When little Charlie came to ORG_NAME, he was barely alive. Neighbors reported seeing the 9-month-old pup chained outside for days in freezing temperatures without food or clean water. His tiny, broken body was frail from abuse. But despite everything, Charlie still trusted people.  

Notice how Claude AI hooks the reader in with the first sentence, whereas ChatGPT’s approach is a bit less exciting.  

Finding the right AI tool to use takes a bit of experimentation, but the benefits are beyond worth it.  

From here, we dive into how AI can also help with data analysis, photo editing and image creation. 

Missed our recent Fundraising Refreshments webinar on using AI tools in the nonprofit space? Check it out above. 

RKD Group

RKD Group is North America's leading fundraising and marketing services provider to hundreds of nonprofit organizations, including hospitals, social service, disease research, animal welfare, rescue missions, and faith-based charities. RKD Group’s omnichannel approach leverages technology, advanced data science and award-winning strategic and creative leadership to accelerate net revenue growth, build long-term donor relationships and drive online and offline engagements and donations. With a growing team of professionals, RKD Group creates breakthroughs never thought possible.

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