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Aly Sweetman thinks about livestream fundraising


"Everyone is excited to give money, to do something good, and be a part of it, but they are also really excited to shape content and create funny moments and inside jokes with their friends in these communities.”

- Aly Sweetman, Head of Charity Programs for Twitch


In this Season 2 episode, Groupthinkers host Justin McCord chats with Aly Sweetman, the head of charity programs for Twitch, a service that livestreams video games to millions of viewers. She believes in the power of gaming to benefit nonprofits through charity fundraising and mobilize people to be a part of a cause.


Listen to learn more about:

  • How livestream fundraising works
  • How nonprofits can begin to benefit from livestream fundraising
  • How your personal passion can become a career



Groupthinkers is the podcast for nonprofit marketers by RKD Group. This is a must-listen experience of thought-provoking content that inspires insight on the industry and strategic decisions. Groupthinkers brings together innovators and curators in nonprofit marketing, branding and direct response to tackle the major issues facing nonprofits today.

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