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Groupthinkers: Mike Johnston Thinks About Journey Mapping

"We noticed that journey mapping brings teams together to move potential donors along and to deepen and enrichen the relationship with the nonprofit demands that teams work together. The attribution starts to fall to the side.”

-Mike Johnston, Partner and Founder of Hewitt & Johnston Consultants (HJC) 

In this Season 2 episode, Groupthinkers host Justin McCord chats with Mike Johnston – a journey mapping expert. Johnston believes that journey mapping, the diagram of the stages a donor goes through when interacting with a nonprofit, is a way to stand in the shoes of the donor and be donor-centric.Listen to learn more about:

-The origin and evolution of donor journey mapping

-What CX means and doesn’t mean

-The importance of being empathetic to donors

Groupthinkers is the podcast for nonprofit marketers by RKD Group. This is a must-listen experience of thought-provoking content that inspires insight on the industry and strategic decisions. Groupthinkers brings together innovators and curators in nonprofit marketing, branding and direct response to tackle the major issues facing nonprofits today.

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