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Don’t let these monsters scare off your donors

Each year, as the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees, we turn our attention to the frightening fun of Halloween. In the nonprofit fundraising world, however, the focus is on year-end giving and budgets.

Spooky stuff!

That’s why this time of year is crucial for nonprofits to connect with donors. As you’re putting the finishing touches on your year-end multichannel strategy, be on the lookout for these scary monsters who may jump out at you with a “boo!”


This creature of the night sucks the life from its victims.

Poorly timed, irrelevant fundraising communication can suck the life from your donors.

Find a messaging cadence that makes sense for your organization’s needs. Make the reason for writing timely and compelling. And energize your donors for your cause.



The undead climb from their graves and stagger around in a herd.

Unless you’re a zombie, no one enjoys being just “one of the crowd.” Your donors want to feel special, appreciated and part of your cause.

With the simple use of personalization and regionalization, you can accomplish this and get a rise out of even the most lapsed of donors.



Now you see it. Now you don’t.

More than ever, today’s donors want to feel like they’re a part of your organization. They ask questions. They embrace relevant communication. They demand accountability.

Keep your donors informed and engaged through all channels (telephone, social media, etc.). Don’t act like a ghost after the gift has been made.



It takes the right ingredients to make a good potion.

No one enchantment is going to cast the magic spell for all donations. Deploy new marketing tactics supported strong, multichannel strategies and coordinated plans. And see results so good they can be scary.


In summary: Beware of the tricks this Halloween, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the treats at the end of the year.

Billy Vaudry

Billy Vaudry is an award-winning creative professional with 27 years’ experience in direct-response fundraising and marketing for nonprofits. As Senior Vice President, Creative Services, at RKD Group, he specializes in serving domestic humanitarian organizations, including rescue missions and food banks. Billy's unique combination of critical, business-minded and imaginative thinking has enabled him to lead top performing teams, developing and executing integrated strategies to drive revenue and donor growth for hundreds of nonprofits.

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