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Google Ad Grants New Account Enrollment and Policy Changes

Google just released updates on their enrollment process and campaign management policies for new accounts. These changes will only impact accounts created on or after April 22, 2019.

Heads up: If your nonprofit is currently in the enrollment process, you will not be affected by these changes.

A Quick Run Down:

New Policies

According to the updated Accounts Management Policy, new organizations are now required to select at least one meaningful conversion setup. Some examples of meaningful conversions include email sign-ups, donations, volunteer sign-ups, and more listed on their website. Pages per visit and time on site will no longer be considered “Conversions” and will instead fall under the category of “Other”.

All campaigns are required to use one of the below conversion-based Smart bidding strategies, unless they are using Smart campaigns:

  • Maximize conversions
  • Maximize conversion values
  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS bidding

Enrollment Process Changes

If you’re about to enroll in Google Ad Grants for the first time, there’s a new pre-qualification process for you.

New steps are:

  1. Create your account using the same user name you created for your Google for Nonprofits account.
  1. Respond to a 10-minute pre-qualification survey - this helps Google Ad Grants determine your eligibility for the program and gain more info about your organization.
  1. Watch a 5-minute instructional video that includes tips and guidelines about the program. Once you’ve finished the video, you’ll be quizzed on what you’ve just watched.

*One thing to note: There will be a question in the quiz asking if you are a member of the Certified Professionals Community. If you are, or if you’re working with a certified professional, you may select "yes” and will no longer be required to take the quiz. 

  1. Submit your account to be reviewed for pre-qualification.

If your organization is deemed pre-qualified, you will receive an email with instructions to continue your account setup. THEN you can re-submit the account to be reviewed one final time.

Why the changes?

Over the past few years, Google has taken significant steps to advance the program. Specifically, we see an emphasis on improving the value of Google Ad Grants. In doing this, Google is achieving two things:

  1. Their improvements help nonprofits receive actual value out of the program. Each update provides users with the tools to run better campaigns. This grant money is helping to increase conversions, boost awareness, grow organizations, and do more good.
  2. Google is keeping their Ads program free of junk. Bad ads are bad for everyone. Nonprofits don’t max out budgets, and users don’t engage. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

Shane Thornal

Shane Thornal is an experienced leader within the digital landscape and serves as Senior Director, Digital Media, at RKD Group. Shane understands programmatic media buying and knows what questions to ask to drive campaigns forward. He is a strategic thinker, focused and extremely hard working. Shane understands how to build high-performing teams, has great industry knowledge and knows the triggers to pull to get the best out of everyone. He is driven and dedicated to his clients’ goals and objectives, and will not rest until they are achieved.

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