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Shane Thornal

Shane Thornal

Shane Thornal is an experienced leader within the digital landscape and serves as Senior Director, Digital Media, at RKD Group. Shane understands programmatic media buying and knows what questions to ask to drive campaigns forward. He is a strategic thinker, focused and extremely hard working. Shane understands how to build high-performing teams, has great industry knowledge and knows the triggers to pull to get the best out of everyone. He is driven and dedicated to his clients’ goals and objectives, and will not rest until they are achieved.

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4 digital media trends for nonprofits in 2021

Fundraising in a pandemic has taught us a lot of things. From the switch to...

By |   Trends Digital Media
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Using AI to lead digital media audience segmentation

Every year, a new shiny toy comes around that everyone jumps to integrate i...

By |   Conversion Digital Media
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COVID-19 provides nonprofits a rare opportunity for digital ads

The COVID-19 pandemic continues its slow spread across the U.S., and nonpro...

By |   Conversion COVID-19 Digital Media
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Coronavirus and fundraising: Adjusting your digital advertising strategy

The more we’re learning about this novel coronavirus sweeping the globe, th...

By |   Trends Conversion COVID-19 Digital Media
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Google is saying goodbye to third-party cookies

Google recently announced that it will be eliminating third-party cookies o...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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New kids on the block: How to include young donors in your engagement strategy

Don’t write off young donors.

By |   Digital Fundraising Leadership Digital Media Social Media
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What’s the best marketing strategy for Google Ad Grants?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that Google offers no...

By |   Google Grant Management Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Google Ad Grants New Account Enrollment and Policy Changes

Google just released updates on their enrollment process and campaign manag...

By |   Google Grant Management Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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The value of impressions & display advertising

HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound study noted some serious top marketing chal...

By |   Digital Fundraising Strategy Donor Lifecycle Digital Media Cultivation
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How do you measure influence?

Digital display ads are effective, flexible, and a great way to target spec...

By |   Digital Fundraising Conversion Attribution Digital Media

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