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Harnessing corporate giving in today's fundraising landscape

The fundraising landscape is constantly evolving.

By |   Fundraising Nonprofit Industry
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Human-centered technology with Tim Lockie

Tim Lockie is the CEO of The Human Stack. As a nonprofit technology expert,...

By |   Podcast
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Rossi’s Roundup: Giving with purpose, DAF research and some spring cleaning

Congratulations on making it through the leap day, celebrating Facebook's 2...

By |   Nonprofit Industry
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Meet Jane McGrath from American Bible Society

Jane McGrath is the Director of Digital Transformation and Partnerships at ...

By |   Podcast Faith
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How social media can boost your nonprofit's organic search traffic

Everyone is aware of just how much social media has become such a huge part...

By |   SEO Social Media
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Cracking the code: The science behind optimal touchpoints for unbeatable impact

How frequently should I be communicating with my donors?

By |   Faith
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Showing up authentically and creating space with Sterrin Bird

Sterrin Bird is the Senior Director, Nonprofit Industry Advisor at Salesfor...

By |   Podcast
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Gimme that BIMI: A quick way to stand out in email inboxes

Senior Digital Strategist Evan Arcoria recently wrote about starting the ye...

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media
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Does your food bank have a learning agenda?

We’ve heard the story before: Food banks are still coming off “the COVID hi...

By |   Food Bank
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Promoting equity and inclusion through nonprofit data with Meena Das

Meena Das is the CEO of Namaste Data. A rising thought leader in nonprofit ...

By |   Podcast

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