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Max Bunch

Max Bunch

With an MBA and 33 years of nonprofit fundraising expertise, Max Bunch provides RKD Group with invaluable insights from a diverse background. In his role of Executive Vice President, Client Service and Consulting, Max has served a number of leading nonprofit organizations working in a variety of verticals including food banks, animal welfare, hospitals, faith-based, relief and development, cancer care, rescue missions, veteran affairs, healthcare, and human services.

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The art and science of naming mid-level donor programs

In the nonprofit fundraising world, the topic of naming conventions for mid...

By |   Mid-Major Donors
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How can nonprofits prepare for fundraising during an economic downturn?

Ever since COVID-19 became a national emergency in March of 2020, two words...

By |   Multichannel Nonprofit Industry
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2020 election: Adjusting your nonprofit fundraising strategy

We have never seen a year quite like 2020. That’s putting it lightly.

By |   Digital Fundraising Multichannel Election
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Donor-advised funds and COVID-19: The donor research project that could save your fiscal year

We recently discussed the rise in popularity of donor-advised funds (DAFs) ...

By |   COVID-19 Mid-Major Donors Donor-Advised Funds
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Donor-advised funds: What nonprofits need to know

As we head into 2020, there may not be a hotter trend in the fundraising wo...

By |   Mid-Major Donors Donor-Advised Funds
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Why the donor lifecycle matters

Fewer than half of donors (42.6%) made repeat gifts to U.S. organizations i...

By |   Donor Retention Stewardship Acquisition Cultivation
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Five Tips for a Second Gift

Nonprofits have 60 days to get a second gift. If you accomplish this tall t...

By |   Strategy Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention Stewardship Cultivation
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Why you need to change your approach to multiyear donors

The donor lifecycle is a lens on your donor database that allows you to vie...

By |   Donor Lifecycle Donor Retention Stewardship Cultivation
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Yes, direct mail still works

Digital fundraising is a game changer for nonprofits and continues to evolv...

By |   Trends Direct Mail Fundraising Multichannel Fundraising Mid-Major Donors
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Developing a mid-level donor program

Many nonprofits have either neglected or mismanaged their mid-level donors....

By |   Donor Retention Mid-Major Donors

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