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4 tips to boost revenue as you start the new year

2022 is off and running, and nonprofits are already looking for the best ti...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donation Pages
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Digital maturity checklist for nonprofits in 2022

  I recently wrote about the importance of building a mature digital progra...

By |   Digital Fundraising SEO Donation Pages Email
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Digital fundraising trends (and recommendations) for 2022

The velocity of change has increased for everyone in the last 22 months sin...

By |   Trends Digital Fundraising
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5 features nonprofits can use to enhance their Google Analytics

  Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful tool for nonprofit marketers looking ...

By |   Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics
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Digital personalization tactics every nonprofit should try

If you’re like me, you probably just got finished binge-watching “Squid Gam...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donation Pages Email Digital Media
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Choosing a new fundraising platform? Watch for these 5 warning signs

Over the past few years, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the importanc...

By |   Digital Fundraising Donation Pages
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6 proven tips to keep donors on your landing pages

For many nonprofit organizations, it’s easy to focus on producing content t...

By |   Optimization Digital Fundraising
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Digital maturity: Prepare now for the future of fundraising

In the last six months or so, we’ve been discussing the term “digital matur...

By |   Digital Fundraising
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Jarred Schremmer and Tim Kachuriak think about Gen X’s digital divide

Often overshadowed by their Baby Boomer and Millennial counterparts, Genera...

By |   Podcast Trends Digital Fundraising
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Privacy changes put emphasis on first-party data

Marketers around the globe got a welcome piece of news recently: Google is ...

By |   Data Privacy Digital Fundraising Data & Analytics

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