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Alexis Shankle

Alexis Shankle

Alexis is an expert at social media targeting and Facebook fundraising. With her more than five years of experience, Alexis works alongside nonprofits to layer organic social strategies with advertising messages that move donors through the conversion funnel.

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How Apple’s iOS 14 update will impact Facebook advertising

Facebook and Apple are going head-to-head as the fight to weigh consumer da...

By |   Digital Fundraising Facebook Digital Media
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Layering your digital media strategy ahead of year-end

What if I told you the most successful year-end fundraising strategies begi...

By |   Conversion Year-End Giving Digital Media
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Should nonprofits boycott Facebook?

As advertising boycotts of Facebook are gaining steam nationwide, several n...

By |   Facebook Nonprofit Industry Social Media
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Why you need a social media strategy for fundraising

The dirty clothes are piling up. It’s laundry time again.

By |   Digital Fundraising Digital Media Cultivation Social Media

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