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Justin McCord

Justin McCord

Justin McCord is the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at RKD Group, leading the sales and marketing teams. Justin oversees brand management, business development and content marketing for RKD, and he hosts the award-winning Groupthinkers podcast. He is also a regular speaker and contributor to nonprofit marketing events, helping shine a light on current issues and progressive strategies to align channels and improve connection.

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4 things that will shape nonprofit marketing and fundraising in 2023

This is a safe place—a place where I can be honest, right? I have no idea w...

By |   Trends Nonprofit Industry Data & Analytics
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How inflation is affecting nonprofit fundraising

We’ve all been feeling the effects of inflation in our everyday lives. Just...

By |   Nonprofit Industry Data & Analytics
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Digital fundraising trends (and recommendations) for 2022

The velocity of change has increased for everyone in the last 22 months sin...

By |   Trends Digital Fundraising
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Gen X is ready to be the next great giving generation

Generation X can no longer be ignored by nonprofits. In fact—propelled by t...

By |   Trends Strategy Multichannel Fundraising Data & Analytics
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How Tiltify is making livestream fundraising accessible on TikTok

In this episode of our Group Thinkers podcast, I had the opportunity to sit...

By |   Mid-Major Donors Events
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Using livestream fundraising to replace events

As creatures of habit, many of us are still trying to wrap our heads around...

By |   COVID-19 Mid-Major Donors Events
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Fundraising 2020: What are the latest trends?

Amid all the year-end giving and holiday celebrations, the new year is also...

By |   Trends Nonprofit Industry
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Year-end giving: Multichannel fundraising is here to stay

For more than a century, the last two months of the year has been associate...

By |   Multichannel Fundraising Leadership Year-End Giving
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FEP report: December slide continues in 2019

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project just released their Quarterly Fundrai...

By |   Donor Retention Multichannel Fundraising Leadership Nonprofit Industry Data & Analytics
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Field of Dreams report reveals need for digital commitment, now

A recently released report, produced by Wiland, The NonProfit Times and The...

By |   Trends Digital Fundraising Strategy Digital Media

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